About our Company
OneGateWay (Pty) Ltd is a South Africa leading company in sales, marketing and distribution of innovative and standard food additives and ingredients. We Trade, Export & Broker, Grains, Pulses, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Edible Oils, Bio-Energy Fuel, Sugar, Food, Firewood, Two-Row / Six-Row Barley , Alfalfa ,Construction Materials, Plastics, Metals , Diamonds and many other commodities to fulfill your supply needs.

With over 200 products and world-class supplier base, OneGateWay (Pty) Ltd offers one-stop-shop solutions to more than 1,000 customers in global food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, animal nutrition and chemical industry which covers Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. United Arab Emirates · Kingdom of Bahrain  · Sultanate of Oman · State of Qatar · State of Kuwait. AFRICA . Medial East


  • Black River Park 1st Floor, Block B, North Park, 2 Fir Street
  • Observatory, Cape Town Western Cape, 7925 , South Africa